Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

As part of our Specialist Physiotherapy services we provide Specialist Physiotherapy reviews and management for injured workers and insurance compensation cases.

This service is usually utilised for persistent or complex pain issues. However, EARLY INTERVENTION – early risk screening, evidence informed advice and management is currently considered of high importance to reduce the risk of transition into persistent, disabling pain and improve overall outcomes. Our experience and early clinical data suggests this can significantly improve outcomes and reduce costs.

The review process includes:

  • a one hour clinic based appointment to thoroughly assess the influences contributing to the client’s ongoing problems
  • a comprehensive letter outlining important contributing factors and specific management recommendations
  • evidence informed education to assist the client making sense of their pain and targeting unhelpful beliefs and perceptions that may be barriers
  • communication to the client and all stakeholders to promote a collaborative treatment approach

Our Specialist Physiotherapy service is currently available regionally in Bunbury and Albany. A Telehealth/Skype consult service is also available for regionally located clients.

Clients may be referred (pending insurer approval) via phone: 9243 8350, email: or our online referral form.

Our mission is to provide superior early, appropriate, evidence informed care to workers compensation clients to facilitate superior overall outcomes.

Workers Compensation

We also provide ongoing treatment and management for injured workers and compensation cases.

Typically, this involves:

  • targeted education
  • active management in our clinic gym

This is performed primarily by our Physiotherapists in close collaboration with our Specialist Physiotherapists at standard work cover rates.

For cases resistant to management and advanced care is required, Specialist Physiotherapy management is often requested.

Our services strongly align with current evidence and the Workcover WA endorsed “Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services”. 

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